5 eco-friendly initiatives of Hotel Puerto Valle

An increasing number of hotels are embracing sustainable practices and promoting responsible tourism around the world. For Hotel Puerto Valle, caring for the environment is both a commitment and a priority: we want to do our part to minimize impact on the environment and to encourage sustainable practices in the hospitality industry.

But we are not alone in this effort—we work together with the local community, our guests, suppliers and partners to achieve our goal of being a more sustainable and environmentally responsible hotel.

5 Sustainable Practices of Hotel Puerto Valle

From waste management to the use of renewable energy, the hotel has implemented various initiatives that reduce environmental impact and advocate for the conservation of natural resources.

Responsible waste management

The hotel has a waste management system that includes the separation and recycling of materials such as paper, glass, plastic and metal. And with composting, we also generate natural fertilizers from organic waste.

Commitment to the local community

We collaborate with the local community to promote sustainable tourism and the conservation of the region’s flora and fauna. In addition, we are a source of local employment to people in the area and source our products and services from local suppliers.

Biodiversity conservation

Our hotel is in a protected natural area, so we have a commitment to preserve the local biodiversity and ecosystem. Our efforts include the implementation of reforestation programs and the conservation of endangered species.

Reduced environmental impact

We promote responsible practices among our guests, such as reducing water and energy consumption, using public transportation or bicycles, and using eco-friendly hygiene and cleaning products.

We take pride in our pioneering sustainable hospitality in the province of Corrientes and reaffirm the commitment of Hotel Puerto Valle to the local community and to the preservation of biodiversity in the region. 

Learn more about our sustainable practices and join our commitment to the environment!