Our Gastronomy: Taste Argentine flavors

Are you looking to taste new gastronomy experiences in Argentina? Our cuisine reflects the simplicity and character of the place, giving prominence to typical local ingredients, such as river fish, tropical and citrus fruits, among many others, which are part of the ancestral gastronomic customs of the Littoral region.

Using contemporary cooking techniques, our menu offers a variety of aromas and flavors that pair perfectly with a carefully selected wines, where diners will find some of the best culinary experiences Argentina has to offer.

In the green environment of the estancia, our organic garden tended with dedication offers a mix of typical products such as native cassava, and different varieties of spices, fruits and vegetables that will underline each gastronomic moment of your stay.

Breakfasts and snacks are always special momentsin the Argentine gastronomy: homemade pastry takes a leading role at the table along with other local delicatessen, such as chipá and mbeyú.

To round off the experience, we cook the main dish of our culinary culture: the typical Correntino barbecue, with vegetables from the organic garden on the side, served in our cozy quincho.

Special Dishes from Argentina