Sustainability Policy

At our unique location on the shore of the Paraná River, our hotel offers our guests a privileged place to enjoy nature, history, tradition and culture. Find right here our Hotel Sustainability Policy Statement and learn more about our commitment to our planet’s environment.

In line with the principles of sustainable tourism, our organization is committed to the preservation of the environment and the wellbeing of our team and our community. As we aim to be an example of eco-friendly business for the Argentinian region in all our activities, our hotel adheres to the following principles:

– Comply with applicable regulations in terms of environment and biodiversity, historical and cultural heritage, and health and safety.

Reduce our environmental footprint, and implement actions to minimize pollution, improving eco-efficiency and using resources responsibly.

Preserve biodiversity and cultural heritage, through conservation efforts and dissemination among our guests.

Raise Environmental Awareness of the importance of caring for native species and advocate for the reintroduction of those in danger of extinction.

Engage our associates in our commitments and in their own development, providing training opportunities and maintaining an environment of mutual respect and open communication.

Promote the sustainable development of our tourist destination, facilitating business relationships with suppliers in the region.

Assess our environmental performance, to ensure the continuous improvement of our sustainable management policy.

Respect human rights, keeping fair labor practices, fostering a safe and healthy work environment, and contributing to the development of our employees and their families, to create the best working conditions, based on diversity, gender equity and equal opportunities.

– Extend the scope of sustainable management throughout the value chain, giving priority to socially and environmentally responsible suppliers, and encouraging responsible consumption among our guests.

María Elisa Iasevoli – General Manager