Surubí, an icon of Corrientes cuisine

The Littoral region of Argentina -as every other region in the country- has a wide range of local products, specialty dishes and typical meals that are the result of the culinary fusion of different neighboring cultures.  

Fish is one of the most prominent ingredients in traditional meals from Corrientes province, including several species –dorado, bagre, patí, sábalo and pacú—cooked in different ways –grilled, baked or breaded and pan-fried. Mbeyú and chipá are two other flagship specialties, in high demand among guests staying at our lodge!

Surubí, an icon of Corrientes cuisine, is a freshwater fish found in the Paraná River. Specimens are usually 1.8 m long and can weigh up to 90 KG. Though a native species, it is grown in nurseries. Having a soft meat and velvety texture, it is a noble and versatile product. It’s called the “King of the River” and is considered one of the finest staples from Corrientes Province.

this is how they prepare the asado in puerto valle

Surubí, a unique culinary experience in Puerto Valle

At Hotel Puerto Valle, gastronomy is also part of your experience. In each dish we serve, and on the menu of every season, there are typical local ingredients, highlighting the simplicity of locally-sourced produce, and its unique character. 

With the surubí as the main ingredient, you will be able to enjoy unique gourmet dishes from the region: 

  • Surubí filet.
  • Surubí gnocchi, served with an orange and Martini sauce, ackee pearls and melon. (Gluten-free 🌾)
  • Surubí ravioli, served with mandioca cream, local peanut flakes and a citrus balsamic reduction. 
roasted surubí in puerto valle

Grilled Surubi

During your stay at Puerto Valle, you will enjoy a barbecue dinner with regional fish, including different varieties of grilled fish. 

Options include:

  • Papillote surubí, exquisite fish with fresh lemon and local herbs on the side.
  • Surubí cured with muscovado sugar, salt and spices, served with tzatziki sauce and escarole from our garden.

In this traditional meal prepared for our guests, you will also have the chance to try other species: Pacú, Dorado, Boga, and, on occasions, river salmon, depending on the season and availability. 

🌱 Puerto Valle and its sustainability commitment

In terms of sustainability practices, we have a circular kitchen policy. We use products 100%, so we produce no waste. For surubí, the most accessible meat is used for filet, and different gourmet meals are prepared with the rest, while bones and offal are used for fumet.

fish barbecue in puerto valle

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