The top 5 spots to take stunning photos of Iberá National Park

The natural beauty of the province of Corrientes attracts travelers and photographers from all over the world who come to appreciate the magnificence of this unique ecosystem and capture its uniqueness.

If you’re into photography or are just looking for adventure in nature, don’t miss this basic guide to capturing the essence of the region with your camera lens. 

Read more and find out which are the top 5 photo spots during your stay in Puerto Valle. Bring your camera and get ready to enjoy this incredible natural wonder. 

Recommended locations for the best photos

Laguna Valle Viewpoint

One of the most popular places to take photos is Mirador de Laguna Valle. This tour is one of the most outstanding experiences offered at the hotel, and our guests have exclusive access. 

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Cambyreta Walkway

If you like taking photos of native flora and fauna, Cambyreta is a great option. From the road to the park, you can spot animals, but the best pictures are undoubtedly the ones taken from the inner trails, with the animals just a few steps away. 

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Floating deck of the Paraná River

In the Paraná River navigation experience we have an exclusive Floating Deck for hotel guests. It has capacity for 4 people. Guests can enjoy a snack against the backdrop of the Paraná River, with nature as the main attraction. 

Kayaking on the Paraná River

For those who enjoy water sports, the kayak tour offers great views of the beautiful sunset on the Wetlands. Kayaks may go as far as the 2nd, 3rd or 4th channel, depending on the conditions of the river. 

Riverside Trail

Finally, the Riverside Trail is an excellent option for photographing landscapes, flora and native species that reach the coast. This trail is accessible on horseback through the grounds of the hotel or by taking a walk on the trails along the Paraná coast.

Remember that the Iberá Wetlands is a protected area, so it’s important to follow the park rules and regulations when taking photos. Respect the animals’ natural habitat and don’t get too close to them. Enjoy your trip and take spectacular photos!

Tips for amateur photographers

If you are a photography enthusiast and are planning to visit the Iberá Wetlands, there are several tips that can help you capture stunning images. Though we are not experts in the art of taking photos, we can help you with the following tips.

Do your research before you go:

Before you travel, research the places you want to visit and learn about the wildlife they harbor. This will help you plan your photos and be prepared to capture the highlights.

Take advantage of natural light:

Natural light is crucial for taking good photos, especially in the Iberá Wetlands area where sunlight can be very intense. Be sure to take advantage of the early morning and late afternoon hours when the light is softer and warmer.

Pay attention to the composition:

Composition is a key element of any photograph, and the Iberá Wetlands offer many opportunities to create interesting and engaging compositions. Experiment with different angles and perspectives to create unique and creative images.

Be patient and respect nature:

Wildlife photography may take a great deal of time and patience. Remember to be respectful of nature and not disturb the animals while photographing them. Be patient and wait for the right moment to capture the perfect shot.

If you are planning a visit to Hotel Puerto Valle, we’ll be waiting for you! Puerto Valle Hotel will be the gateway to the best places to take unforgettable photos and our team of expert guides will give you tips and tricks to improve your photography skills.