Kayak adventure Tours on the Parana River

Tour Duration: 1 hour / 2 hours / 3 hours

Enjoy kayak rides and tours on the Paraná River. Sail for for 1 hour, 2 hours or up to 3 hours and get to know the flora and fauna of the Argentina’s Corrientes region up close.

We invite you to tour the Paraná River by Kayak, an ideal experience for lovers of nature and adventure. Enjoy the channels of the Paraná Jungle together with our expert guides in a journey suitable for all guests.

Sailing Paraná River: an unforgettable experience

Get ready to sail the Parana River, one of Argentina’s natural wonders and landscapes.

The Paraná, a Guaraní term that means relative of the sea or water that mixes with the sea, is a large river that flows in the southeast and southwest directions through Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. It is 4,880 km long, the second longest river in South America. Its main tributaries are the Tieté, Paranapanema, Iguazú, Paraguay, Negro and Salado rivers.

The mouth of the Paraná River forms an incessantly growing freshwater delta. This unique characteristic sets it apart from other great deltas in the world, which are formed in sea waters.

Constantly moving, the Paraná River has shaped the eight islands that today make up the protected area. Typical delta islands change their outline and size continually. The same goes for its environment, which evolves, in large part, due to the transforming force of the Paraná River.

Streams, lagoons and the river dominate the landscape between the islands. Among the species found in its flora, there are trees such as the ceibo, river alder, hawthorn, coronillo, willow, laurel and curupí. There is also a wide variety of bushes, grasslands, canutillos and ligneous species, such as river alders.

Paraná River biomes and segments

The Paraná River comprises three segments with different biomes. The first 1500 km of the river, or upper Paraná, has subtropical vegetation.

In its middle course, the Paraná stretches for 722 km from the confluence with the Paraguay River; it is a section of plains with plenty of meanders, river islands and sandbanks.

The lower course of the Paraná extends from Diamante city to the confluence with the Uruguay River, and features a jungle biome with abundant fauna and flora.

In the places that are most detached from human presence, its rich fauna can be observed: the swamp deer, an autochthonous species, is a brown deer with black legs and white circles around the eyes. It coexists in this region with carpinchos and river otters.

Bird species include the purple gallinule, wattled jacana, common gallinule, and crested screamer or chaja.

The reptiles that are more prevalent within this biome are lagoon turtles and painted turtles. Fish include tarpon, catfish, bonnetmouth or boga, and wolf fish or tararira.


Kayaking on the Paraná River is a highly recommended activity. With the help of our bilingual guides, you will engage in a one-of-a-kind exploration journey. Glide on the river waters on comfortable sit-on-top kayaks and delight in the deep green of the vegetation and the extraordinary silence of the region.

Discover the waterways of the Paranaense Jungle with their lavish flora and fauna: over 1500 species of mammals, 500 species of birds, 300 species of fish, 250 species of trees, and 85 fascinating species of orchids. This activity is an exciting adventure for sports and nature lovers.

The coast of the Paraná River is an ideal setting for excursions, fishing and voyages suitable for all guests. Activities are adapted to different levels of physical demand, and have occasional stops for eating and resting.