Agriculture & organic farming Tour Argentina

Duration of the tour: 1 hour

Live a unique farming tour and organic agriculture experience in Argentina. Visit the park of Estancia Puerto Valle, with its 14 hectares designed by the prestigious landscape firm Carlos Thays, where native and exotic species coexist.

Our organic gardening tour includes a visit to our tree nursery that is dedicated to the production of eucalyptus, grevillea, kiri and yerba mate seedlings, and our organic garden, located near the manor house, where herbs and vegetables are grown that are used for the preparation of the dishes of our gourmet cuisine.

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About Carlos Thays landscape studio

Carlos Thays, or Jules Charles Thays, was a French architect, naturalist, landscaper, urban planner, writer and journalist. He arrived in Argentina in 1889 to carry out a two-year project, but ended up staying all his life. In 1891, he was appointed the Director of Buenos Aires City’s Green Areas, and designed or refurbished most of the green spaces, making a long-lasting impact on the configuration of the national urban image.

Carlos Thays also promoted the cultivation of yerba mate in Argentina. If you’re interested in learning more about the tradition of growing yerba mate in our country, we recommend our Yerba Mate Establishment experience.

At the age of 41, he met Cora Venturino, whom he married and they had two children Ernestina and Carlos Leon Thays. Henceforth, each generation of the Thays family’s offspring has adopted the custom of calling their son “Charles.” Currently, the landscape studio Carlos Thays is led by the founder’s great-grandson.

Sustainable agriculture for tourists

We believe in sustainable tourism, and we are proud to be the first and only hotel in Corrientes province to achieve the Sustainability certification. Contributing to the environment and its development is important to us.

At our tree nursery, we grow eucalyptus, yerba mate, grevillea and kiri seedlings until they are ready to be planted in natural settings. Our main goal is to make a contribution to the conservation of forests and reverse of the degradation of natural resources.

In afforestation, the trees can be the product of the natural formation of a forest or may be grown from seeds in a nursery. One might think that seedlings that grow naturally in the forest would tend to grow stronger, but in fact, the plants produced in a nursery generally have a better yield and higher growth rates once taken to their planting site.

Considering that globally only about 5 million hectares are forested per year, there is no doubt about the significance of forest nurseries, which are accountable for producing the seedlings necessary for that goal to be met, thus improving the quality of life of the population.

Organic Gardening at Puerto Valle

One of the activities is the visit to our organic garden, which grows fresh produce using our own compost that we generate from various organic materials that would otherwise go to waste. We grow herbs, native fruits and vegetables.

Our organic garden allows us to harvest all year round in a sustainable way, for use in our kitchen, improving the gastronomic experience of our guests.

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