Visit Yacyretá Dam in Argentina & Paraguay

Yacyretá Dam Tour Duration: 3 hours.

Group visit: up to 12 people. Check rates.

Are you planning to visit the Yacyretá Hydroelectric Complex? Explore the largest dam in Argentina, developed in collaboration with our neighboring country, Paraguay. This well-known hydroelectric dam is located along the Paraná River, and its primary objective is to generate electrical energy through the controlled release of water.

This famous southamerican water Dam is near the town of Ituzaingó, aproximately 16 miles from our hotel. The Yacyretá tour is led by guides belonging to the dam company. Visitors will watch a 360° video of the dam, see the navigation lock, look at the reservoir from a vantage point, and visit the engine room.

The Yacyretá tour is led by professional guides who are part of the company that operates Yacyretá. Visitors will enjoy a 360° video of the dam, observe the navigation lock, enjoy a vantage point view of the reservoir, and visit the engine room

Becaouse of it’s strategic location between the Argentina and Paragyay’s order, ated in the upper course of the Paraná River, Yacyretá is a hydroelectric plant, it benefits from the river current to transform the power of stored water into electrical energy.

The city of Ituzaingó, in Corrientes Arrengina, and San Cosme y Damián, in Paraguay, are the closest towns to Yacyretá. As said above, the primary objective of Yacyretá is to provide abundant, clean, renewable and low-cost energy to both countries. In addition, it helps improve the navigability of the Paraná River, serves as a flood alert and facilitates the implementation of irrigation. The facilities include several components: the plant, the turbines, the spillways, the fish elevator, the dam, the reservoir and the navigation lock.

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Work began in 1983 and the dam was put into operation in September 1994, when the commercial generation of energy started. It has twenty vertical axis Kaplan-style turbines made of steel. Each turbine has a weight of 278 tons and can deliver a maximum power of 160 Megawatts and evacuate, at most, 830 m³/s.

To get an idea of the volume of water that these turbines move, if we were to take all the water that crosses the Iguazu Falls (whose average flow is 1750 m3/s), less than three of the twenty turbines installed in the dam could handle the flow. Another example: if we took all the water consumed by Asunción (the capital of Paraguay) in 13 days, or by the city of Buenos Aires in two days, this would keep the 20 turbines working for just one hour.

Currently, the plant covers the electricity requirements of 50% of households in Argentina. In turn, Paraguay only consumes 13% of the energy produced by the Yacyretá Hydroelectric Complex.

The area where the dam is located has abundant fish fauna and there are areas designated for fishing. With the aim of maintaining and protecting the Paraguayan Argentine water fauna, fishing is regulated.

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Although the hydroelectric dam is relatively low polluting, the Binational Entity has allocated areas for the conservation and recovery of local flora and fauna, in order to reduce the environmental impact of the works.

Currently, the entity has a protected area covering 58,000 hectares, and plans to increase this area to 187,000 hectares as the project progresses.

It also has the Atinguy Wildlife Refuge, which is located 18 km from Ayolas; its territory covers 100 hectares, where various species of local fauna and flora can be seen.