The corporate world is focused on ensuring a work environment that is friendly and respectful. A range of team-building activities can be organized, including offsite events. Having the right working atmosphere helps achieve objectives efficiently!

Port valley room equipped for offsite events meetings

What is a corporate offsite event? Why make one?

A corporate offsite event or corporate retreat is a meeting of all, or some, of the members of a company at a location outside the office for the purpose of changing the work setting, selecting a site away from the day-to-day routines.

Companies usually organize offsite events with the aim to improve outcomes and strengthen employee engagement, and to encourage their people to collaborate in the definition and achievement of performance targets and initiatives. 

Offsite events have a team-building effect, as they serve to strengthen networking and interpersonal relationships, and many organizations host them on an annual basis. 

Incentive travel

Incentive trips are a way to reward employees for a job well done. These incentives may be granted individually; however, the most common way is to organize group incentive trips with the goal to strengthen relationships among employees. 


There are many benefits that companies and employees can obtain from incentive trips.

Employees are more motivated, with a feeling of ownership, knowing that the company values them and expects more from them.  In addition, these trips will be unique and enriching experiences that many workers may only afford through the company, since incentive trips are usually organized in attractive or exotic destinations. Employees will begin to experience a feeling of belonging to the team, increasing cohesion and enjoying a few days of rest that will take away stress.

The company benefits from higher attraction and retention of motivated talent by offering innovative and meaningful experiences. Travel will boost business productivity as employees come together, with everyone going in the same direction, helping the company achieve its goals more efficiently while improving the company’s image. 

Esteros del Iberá, the best option

At Puerto Valle Hotel de Esteros, we have an exclusive service for corporate groups and incentive tourism, in an ideal setting for offsite events: Esteros del Iberá.

Our lodge allows guests to combine work, rest and leisure in a location surrounded by nature. We also have designated spaces for presentations and meetings, in rooms equipped with all the necessary elements. 

If necessary, our common areas with great views of the Paraná River can be arranged to meet specific needs. During your stay, the Puerto Valle Experience will be fully designed with the services you wish to hire for your group. 

Business group joining together in a retreat

Bring your team together at Hotel Puerto Valle

In Puerto Valle Hotel de Esteros you will find all you need to accomplish this purpose! Companies may also book the entire lodge on an exclusivity basis. Our All Inclusive/Full-Board offering will allow you to relax, as we take care of organizing your stay and all the necessary services to welcome your group.  

For companies that wish to coordinate a different experience for their teams, we recommend visiting the corporate segment of our website. 

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