What is Sustainable Tourism?

Sustainable tourism started in the 1990s, when the socioeconomic effects of tourism on society began to be perceived. Due to the negative impact of massive and unstructured tourism on the environment and local communities, organizations such as the United Nations (UN) began recommending more ecofriendly tourism practices. 

Environmental awareness and social responsibility policies have played a key role. Furthermore, increasing demand from consumers who value the efforts of companies in these areas has fueled the growth of sustainable tourism

Institutions have contributed to the promotion of this type of tourism by encouraging sustainable practices and implementing measures to improve sustainability in the tourism sector. Further progress is needed in this direction, including the involvement of the local community, so that tourism benefits all stakeholders and does not cause damage to ecosystems and communities.

green travelling & sustainable hotels

Sustainable hotels are in high demand as green travelers look for a more environmentally friendly vacation experience. These establishments strive to minimize their environmental impact through a series of measures:

  • Reducing the consumption of natural resources and increasing the use of renewable energies. 
  • Taking care of waste treatment.
  • Blending in the environment where they are located, supporting the local community by buying local products and services. 

Tourists that choose sustainable hotels are not only contributing to preserve the environment but also supporting local communities and living a more authentic experience in a natural setting. 

Sustainable tourism in practice: Greener Hotels

The Greener Hotels program is a certification initiative that encourages and acknowledges sustainability in the hospitality sector. This program evaluates and certifies hotels based on their performance in areas such as energy and water use, waste management, biodiversity conservation, social responsibility, and organizational culture of sustainability. 

Hotels that meet the program’s standards receive a certification, which they can display to communicate their commitment to sustainability practices and to attract guests who are interested in responsible traveling.

The program also provides training and advice to hotels that intend to improve their sustainability practices and achieve certification.

our commitment to a greener future

Sustainable hotels, such as Puerto Valle Hotel de Esteros, are an excellent choice for travelers who want to make a difference in the world while enjoying their vacation.

At Puerto Valle Hotel de Esteros, we strive to reduce the use of natural resources and energy. We treat waste with special care to minimize its environmental impact. We work in collaboration with the local community to support its development by buying local. All of these actions reaffirm our commitment to be environmentally responsible and a sustainable choice for conscious travelers.

As a luxury lodge, our sustainability policy also focuses on raising awareness and sharing with our guests certain good practices that can be easily replicated. We are committed to continuing to lead the way in sustainable tourism and work collaboratively towards a greener future.

We believe that a true commitment to sustainability involves changing certain ways of working so that sustainable tourism goes from being a trend to being a habit. Awareness, learning and communication will make the change happen. 

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