Tradicional food from Corrientes Argentina

In Corrientes, Argentina, the flora and the views add color, the fauna adds movement, and typical meals add flavor. If you are a food lover and you want to learn more about traditional food in the northeast region of Argentina, here are some typical dishes that you cannot miss when you visit Iberá.

Mbeyu typical dish of corrientes

Typical Dishes and meals from Corrientes Argentina

Eating can be a rewarding experience for our body. It feels great, as dopamine, the hormone that is released when we eat, is associated with the brain pathway of pleasure. 

Can you imagine how it feels indulging in the most delicious food? Add to that the typical flavors of Corrientes. Enjoy the traditional meals of the region and feel the pleasure of breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner with one of the following specialties:

Grilled Pacú

Pacú is a freshwater fish known for its flavor. It can be broiled, grilled or stir-fried. Pacú is the main ingredient of many local dishes in Corrientes. 

Andaí Preserve

Andaí is a variety of pumpkin or squash. It is edible and can be prepared in a variety of ways: in soup, with milk, or as jelly or preserve. 


Mbeyú a kind of pancake or tortilla of tapioca starch and cheese. This traditional food originating in Paraguay is the heritage of the mestizo Cario Guaraní-Spanish cuisine that developed in Asunción and its surroundings, and is also consumed on the Argentine Littoral region.

Pan de Campo

This rustic and thick bread is prepared with a homemade recipe: water, flour, salt and yeast. 


Chipá is a Guaraní term. It is a small bun made with mandioca flour, cheese, butter, milk and salt. 

Chocolate Cheesecake

This treat is the perfect combination of the soft texture of cheesecake with the intense flavor of chocolate. 

Grilled Surubí

Surubí is a river fish that is usually cooked in the grill or the oven. It is ideal as a side or as a main ingredient of any dish due to its irresistible flavor.

Asado correntino. one of the typical dishes of the region.

Tradicional food from northeast argentina at Puerto Valle

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