Iberá National Park Reserve Argentina

The Iberá National Park is a protected area, located in the Iberá Wetlands, in Ituzaingó, Corrientes Province, Argentina. Initially, it was called Iberá Provincial Nature Reserve, but in 1993 its name was changed to it’s current official name. At that time, it comprised 480,000 hectares belonging to the provincial state, including wetlands, lagoons and land.

Today, Iberá National Park is a magnificent Argentinian reserve that has 183,500 hectares. This Wetland natural sanctuary includes two management areas: The Iberá National Reserve and the National Park. Its mission is to contribute to the integral protection of the Iberá macrosystem.

If you are looking for sustainable tourism and activities, the Iberá National Park is definitely one of the places you should visit in Argentina’s Northeast region.

Location and access gates to Iberá National Park

The Iberá National Park is located in the region of the Iberá Wetlands in Argentina, and and has four access gates or portals immersed in the Iberá Nature Reserve:

The Cambyretá Portal

The Cambyretá Portal is the gate you will visit during your stay in Puerto Valle. It is located in the northern area of the reserve. Access to this gate is located 230 km from Corrientes, 15 km from Ituzaingó and 8 km from Villa Olivari.

The San Nicolás Portal

The San Nicolás Portal is located in the western area of the reserve, 165 km from Corrientes.

The Carambola Portal

The Carambola Portal is located in the western area, 190 km from Corrientes.

The Laguna Iberá Portal

The Laguna Iberá Portal is in the southeastern area of the reserve. Entering through this portal, you can visit Colonia Carlos Pellegrini.

Yacaré swimming in the Paraná River, Argentina

Photo: Yacaré swimming in the Paraná River, Argentina.

Biodiversity in the Iberá National Preserve

The Iberá Nature Preserve, in addition to being attractive for its landscapes and colors, is home to more than 5000 species, including plants, mammals and birds, among others.

The Iberá flora is rich in water hyacinths, floating formations that are spotted at first sight, and which attract attention for their dimensions and quantities. Aquatic species also include irupé, water lilies, poppies and small ferns.

The fauna of the Nature Reserve includes the Black Caiman, Water Boa snake, Ñacaniná and Yarará snake. In addition, visitors have the possibility of living a great experience surrounded by a variety of wild animals in their natural habitat, such as Capybara, Howling Monkey, River Otter and Swamp Deer

Many of these species have declared Natural Monuments by the Province of Corrientes, such as the Maned Wolf and Aguará Guazú. Others are in the reintroduction process, such as the Red Macaw.

Capybaras in Iberá National Park

Photo: Capybaras in Iberá National Park.

Visit the Iberá National Park in Argentina

At Hotel Puerto Valle we offer you the opportunity of living an exclusive experience “Safari Iberá National Park”. For 3 to 4 hours, you will enjoy a wonderful adventure departing from the hotel towards the Cambyretá Portal, with the opportunity to get out at different stops along the way, to take a closer look at the main attractions: the landscapes of the North Iberá. 

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