Animal Wildlife in Argentina: Iberá Wetlands

The Iberá Wetlands is a diverse habitat that supports the world’s biological animal diversity, and makes a significant contribution to the notheast region of Argentina. Countless colors, landscapes and more than 5,000 fauna species turn Corrientes province into an attractive destination for wildlife travellers and lovers. 

Until not long ago, Iberá Wetland’s fauna was only considered a resource for hunting and trading, and this led many animal species to become endangered or decimated. 

The Iberá Nature Reserve has enabled protecting and reintroducing the animal wildlife, which has gradually recovered and regained a key place in the ecosystem of the region. The reserve is a sanctuary for Argentina’s fauna, offering tourists the opportunity to appreciate the many animal species and learn about its significance. 

Iberá Wetlands: natural Home for Wildlife in argentina

The Iberá Wetlands are in a unique location in Corrientes, Argentina, that serves as a meeting point for different ecosystems of neighboring regions. This nature reserve provides shelter for the wildlife that inhabits the land.

Let’s learn more about the animals that live in the Iberá Wetlands, northeast region of Argentina:

Fish of the Iberá Wetlands

In the waters of Iberá live about 125 species of fish. The water ecosystem provides shelter and breeding for some commercial species of the Paraná River. 

The best known fishes in the region include the dorado, pacú, surubí (icon of Corrientes cuisine), boga and sábalo.

Amphibians of the Iberá Wetlands

Forty amphibian species inhabit the estuaries and reign supreme, including the cururú toad, the tree frog and the climbing frog. A wide variety of other animals, like birds and reptiles feed on them.

Birds of the Iberá Wetlands

At least 344 bird species cross the skies in the Iberá region. Several species are commonly found in the inner marshlands’ wildlife.

The most outstanding birds of the region are the chajá, the red stork, the white stork, the whistling heron and the lapwing, among many others.

Reptiles of the Iberá Wetlands

Some 60 species of reptiles populate in the Iberá swamps, including the largest and most abundant predators in the region: black caiman and broad-snouted caiman. Since these animal species have been threatened, the Iberá National Park and the residents have worked on their rewilding, reproduction and protection. 

Mammals of the Iberá Wetlands

The wetlands are home to large populations of mammals of varying sizes, the most conspicuous being:

  • capybara
  • aguará-guazú or maned wolf
  • river otter
  • marsh deer

These species are known as the most captivating in the region.

Iberá Wetlands Fauna and Puerto Valle

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